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2021 Jan 600-199 training:

Q11. Which is considered to be anomalous activity? 

A. an alert context buffer containing traffic to 

B. an alert context buffer containing SSH traffic 

C. an alert context buffer containing an FTP server SYN scanning your network 

D. an alert describing an anonymous login attempt to an FTP server 


Q12. After an attack has occurred, which two options should be collected to help remediate the problem? (Choose two.) 

A. packet captures 

B. NAT translation table 

C. syslogs from affected devices 

D. connection table information 

E. NetFlow data 

Answer: C, E 

Q13. What does the acronym "CSIRT" stand for? 

A. Computer Security Identification Response Team 

B. Cisco Security Incident Response Team 

C. Cisco Security Identification Response Team 

D. Computer Security Incident Response Team 


Q14. Which three tools should be used for incident response? (Choose three.) 

A. screwdriver 

B. sniffer 

C. antivirus/anti-malware software 

D. video player 



Answer: A, B, C 

Q15. Given the signature "SQL Table Manipulation Detected", which site may trigger a false positive? 

A. a company selling discount dining-room table inserts 

B. a large computer hardware company 

C. a small networking company 

D. a biotech company 


Replace 600-199 scyber study guide:

Q16. Refer to the exhibit. 

Based on the traffic captured in the tcpdump, what is occurring? 

A. The device is powered down and is not on the network. 

B. The device is reachable and a TCP connection was established on port 23. 

C. The device is up but is not responding on port 23. 

D. The device is up but is not responding on port 51305. 

E. The resend flag is requesting the connection again. 


Q17. Which DNS Query Types pertains to email? 

A. A? 

B. NS? 

C. SOA? 

D. PTR? 

E. MX? 

F. TXT? 


Q18. Which describes the best method for preserving the chain of evidence? 

A. Shut down the machine that is infected, remove the hard drive, and contact the local authorities. 

B. Back up the hard drive, use antivirus software to clean the infected machine, and contact the local authorities. 

C. Identify the infected machine, disconnect from the network, and contact the local authorities. 

D. Allow user(s)  to perform any  business-critical  tasks  while waiting for  local authorities. 


Q19. Which publication from the ISO covers security incident response? 

A. 1918 

B. 2865 

C. 27035 

D. 25012 


Q20. In the context of a network security device like an IPS, which event would qualify as having the highest severity? 

A. remote code execution attempt 

B. brute force login attempt 

C. denial of service attack 

D. instant messenger activity