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2021 Aug 600-211 free exam

Q41. Where is ECS rulebase referenced on the Cisco ASR 5000 PDSN in order to apply rules defined in active-charging service? 

A. Subscriber template 

B. AAA group 

C. APN profile 

D. PDSN service 

Answer: A 

Q42. Which two messages are used by Diameter Base Protocol? (Choose two.) 

A. Capabilities Exchange Request 

B. Capabilities Exchange Answer 

C. Device Exchange Request 

D. Device Exchange Answer 

E. Registration Request 

F. Registration Response 

Answer: A,B 

Q43. Which two result codes in CCA-U from primary Online Charging System (OCS) will terminate a subscriber's session when two OCS are configured along with failover support for the session? (Choose two.) 







Answer: A,B 


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Q44. What two mechanisms can content filtering be achieved through on the Cisco ASR 5000? (Choose two.) 

A. URL Blacklisting 

B. Category-based Content Filtering 

C. Dynamic Content Control 

D. Smart Web Filtering 

E. Dynamic Category Filtering 

F. Proxy Based Content Control 

Answer: A,B 

Q45. Which bit in HA Registration Revocation message is used by PDSN/FA to determine Mobile notification? 

A. 'A' bit 

B. 'I' bit 

C. 'M' bit 

D. 'R' bit 

Answer: B 

Q46. What message and interface are used by PCF to establish a new data session on the PDSN? 

A. Registration Request over A11 

B. Registration Request over AAA 

C. Access Request over A11 

D. Access Request over AAA 

Answer: A 

Q47. What are the two minimum length and type of the QoS Info TLV for stage 3 inter-HSGW handover for the purpose of context transfer? (Choose two.) 

A. 24 octets 

B. 8 octets 

C. 12 octets 

D. Type 10 

E. Type 9 

F. Type 12 

Answer: C,F