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2021 Aug 600-502 free practice exam

Q11. You must document that before your application applies any configuration changes to a device, the application runs those changes through a set of predefined, automated consistency tests called "ACT-CHECK10". The application applies changes only after the test has completed without any ERRORS or WARNINGS. 

Which statement about these requirements is true? 

A. The system should test the configuration before applying it. 

B. After applying the configuration changes the user should ping the device to ensure that everything still works. 

C. The system should run consistency checks prior to applying configuration changes. 

D. Prior to applying the configuration changes to the device, the system shall run consistency test ACT_CHECK10, and proceed to applying changes only if no errors and/or warnings are reported by the test. 

E. The system should call the function app.ACT_CHECK10("config-changes.txt") method and capture the output. The system shall than go through the output to count the number of ERRORS and WARNINGS reported by the test. If the total number of ERRORS and WARNINGS is equal to 0, the system shall proceed to run app.ApplyChanges("config-changes.txt"). 

Answer: D 

Q12. Which two options are common uses of DNS? (Choose two.) 

A. looking up the IP address if the hostname is known 

B. looking up the hostname if the IP address is known 

C. looking up the TCP port number that is used by an application protocol 

D. looking up the application level protocol that is used to connect to a server 

Answer: A,B 

Q13. Which Layer 4 port must be permitted between a Cisco onePK application and a Cisco device to enable secure connections? 

A. TCP 22 

B. TCP 443 

C. UDP 15002 

D. TCP 15002 

E. TCP 15003 

F. UDP 15003 

G. TCP 15002/ UDP 15003 

H. TCP 15003/ UDP 15002 

Answer: D 

Q14. Which option describes the role of Garbage Collection, which is a built-in feature in several modern programming languages such as Java? 

A. to reclaim the memory allocated to objects that can no longer be referenced 

B. to reset memory cells that have failed CRC checks 

C. to eliminate "dirty bits" from packet headers as they are received by network socket 

D. to trigger the "Empty Recycle bin" operation from within a program running on systems that are based on Microsoft Windows 

E. to be used by developers as a tool to clean up the system environment after each test run of the program 

Answer: A 

Q15. Which statement about associative arrays is true? 

A. Associative arrays can be indexed only by integers. 

B. Associative arrays can be indexed only by strings. 

C. Associative arrays can access an arbitrary element in constant time. 

D. Associative arrays can be implemented by hashing the key and using the hash for lookup. 

Answer: D

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Q16. Which option is the style guide for Python code? 

A. PEP 0 

B. PEP 1 

C. PEP 6 

D. PEP 8 

Answer: D 

Q17. You need to stop a Cisco onePK application quickly on a router. 

Which CLI command should you use to stop the application called CPU_hog_App? 

A. #show onep session all [Get the Session_ID] #stop onep session Session_ID 

B. #stop onep session all 

C. #show onep session all [Get one-pk Session_ID] #onep stop session Session_ID 

D. #onep stop session CPU_hog_App 

E. #show onep session all [Get the Session_ID] #onep stop session CPU_hog_App-Session_ID 

Answer: E 

Q18. Which Linux command is used to determine the path between the source and a remote destination? 

A. ping 

B. traceroute 

C. tracert 

D. route print 

Answer: B 

Q19. Which programming language and Cisco onePK Service Set is required for an application that performs at the packet level? 

A. Java with Utility Service Set 

B. REST with Element Service Set 

C. Ruby with Routing Service Set 

D. Python with Routing Service Set 

E. REST with Utility Service Set 

F. C with Data Path Service Set 

G. Java with Developer Service Set 

Answer: F 

Q20. Which three action capabilities are provided with the Cisco onePK Data Path Service Set? (Choose three.) 

A. drop 

B. purge 

C. L4 redirect 

D. bypass 

E. copy 

F. respond 

G. divert 

Answer: A,E,G