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2021 Oct 600-502 test preparation

Q21. Which option describes a semaphore data structure? 

A. an array data structure to get command line options 

B. an atomic data structure to be used for inter-process communication 

C. a simple data structure to return an error code 

D. a list of data structure to graph coordinate data 

Answer: B 

Q22. Which two options are purposes of the Plan phase SSD deliverable? (Choose two.) 

A. defines successful criteria for the delivery of the business application 

B. focuses on the sequence of flows to realize the business use case 

C. combines CRD and SRD to monitor the end-to-end traceability of business requirements 

D. defines the functional scope for the solution architecture 

E. The System Services Document defines the functional scope and successful criteria for the delivery of the business. 

Answer: A,D 

Q23. Which statement about the Java Native Interface is true? 

A. It is used by Java test tools to build Java class files automatically. 

B. It is used by Java applications to call C or C++ libraries. 

C. It is used by C++ applications to call Java libraries. 

D. It is used by Java applications to call Japanese and Chinese language support libraries. 

Answer: B 

Q24. You must develop an SDN application that meets these specifications. The solution must manage devices through a centralized controller to configure access control lists. The solution will monitor traffic at a packet level to determine which packets are coming from known rogue applications and/or devices. Identified traffic will be used as the basis to create new ACLs to be deployed back onto the network devices. The identification and provisioning steps should take no more than 100 milliseconds. 

Which three design options must you consider to develop an SDN application that meets these specifications? (Choose three.) 

A. choice of programming and scripting language 

B. choice of service set 

C. choice of transport protocol 

D. choice of deployment model 

E. use of security and TLS 

F. hardware platforms involved 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q25. Which option describes integration testing? 

A. validates whether business requirements are fulfilled 

B. seeks defects in existing functionality after new feature is introduced 

C. seeks defects in groups of modules when combined together 

D. seeks defects in individual piece of code 

Answer: C 


Abreast of the times 600-502 practice test:

Q26. Refer to the exhibit Which statement describes what this Cisco onePK code does? 

A. It connects to a network element and retrieves a graph object that contains the whole network topology. 

B. It connects to a network element and retrieves a graph object that contains the network element and its first-hop neighbors only. 

C. It connects a network element to the current topology. 

D. It creates a network topology that contains one network element and returns its graph object. 

Answer: A 

Q27. When object-oriented design is used, which action represents the best practice to modify data contained within an object? 

A. When possible, directly modify data to reduce overhead and improve application performance. 

B. After objects are instantiated, they should not be modified because it may result in redundant objects in the memory space. 

C. Do not modify the object directly. Instead, create a copy and modify data in the duplicated object. 

D. Use object update queues. 

E. Use the provided "setter" methods to modify data inside an object. 

Answer: E 

Q28. Which packaging is correct for a Java web application that is enabled for Cisco onePK? 

A. .jar file 

B. .tar file 

C. .war file 

D. .exe file 

E. .zip file 

Answer: C 

Q29. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which two statements are true based on this flowchart? (Choose two.) 

A. All packets that are bound to host are dropped. 

B. Packet with source IP and destination IP are spanned. 

C. All packets with source IP and destination IP are dropped. 

D. All packets from host destined to host are dropped or spanned. 

E. All traffic destined to host is dropped or spanned. 

F. OpenFlow v1.0 only supports "flows" that are defined based on MAC addresses, not IP 


Answer: C,D 

Q30. Which important task is performed during the planning phase? 

A. Integration test cases are prepared. 

B. Hardware and system requirements are defined. 

C. Application is developed with unit test cases. 

D. Requirement specification document is prepared. 

Answer: D