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2021 Aug 600-504 answers

Q21. Which option is the correct method when installing the onePK Python SDK in an environment for the first time? 

A. python build –build-base="python-sdk-installation directory" set PYTHONPATH/python-sdk-installation-directory 

B. python install –install-headers="python-sdk-installation directory" 

C. python install 

D. python install --prefix="python-sdk-installation directory" setenv PYTHONPATH/python-sdk-installation-directory 

Answer: D 

Q22. Which two statements about OpenDaylight Controller clustering are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The cluster has multiple supernodes. 

B. The maximum number of nodes in the cluster is three. 

C. REST API requests should be reach supernodes. 

D. OpenFlow 1.3 enable switches to connect multiple controllers. 

E. Clustering is supported only in commercial versions of OpenDaylight. 

Answer: A,D 

Q23. Which command should be used on the Linux PC to check if a TCP session is established between a network device and a network device control application on the Linux PC? 

A. netstat -nr 

B. netstat -s 

C. netstat -nt 

D. netstat -ni 

Answer: C 

Q24. Which resource record defines an IP address assigned to a name in the zone file of bind (DNS)? 

A. PTR record 

B. NS record 

C. A record 

D. MX record 

Answer: C 

Q25. Refer to the exhibit 

You try to connect to a network element using a Cisco onePK application. You get this error while running the application.Which option describes the issue? 

A. There is no reachability to the network element through pings (ICMP). Routing must be checked. 

B. An ACL is configured on router that does not allow the onePK application to establish a connection. 

C. A "session max" is configured on the router, and the number of sessions to the router has been exceeded. 

D. There is an error in the onePK application code, and an incorrect argument was passed in one of the APIs. 

E. A firewall rule is blocking the onePK TCP connection to the router. 

Answer: C

Abreast of the times 600-504 exams:

Q26. In which three ways can onePK applications be packaged? (Choose three.) 

A. .pkg for process-hosted application 

B. RPM file on Linux end node 

C. OVA file for process-hosted application 

D. .pcap for blade-hosted application E. .msi file for Windows end node 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q27. Which two licenses are compatible with the GNU General Public License? (Choose two.) 

A. Apache License version 1.1 

B. Creative Commons licenses 

C. MIT license 

D. Mozilla Public License version 1.1 

E. Modified BSD license 

Answer: C,E 

Q28. Which three pieces of information are required for the Cisco Extensible Network Controller to encrypt OpenFlow traffic using TLS? (Choose three.) 

A. IPsec tunnel keys 

B. XNC private key 

C. XNC public certificate 

D. running XNC in SSH pinning mode 

E. OpenFlow switch CA certificate 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q29. Which option describes what VPLS, GRE, and VXLAN are examples of? 

A. network operational models 

B. virtualized networks 

C. network slicing mechanisms 

D. overlay networks 

E. neural networks 

F. protocol independent networks 

G. link-state networks 

H. open networks 

Answer: D 

Q30. Refer to the exhibit 

When an administrator starts XNC controller services, the console logs an exception error. 

Which configuration file can the administrator update to change the default Catalina service connector port? 

A. xnc.conf 

B. tomcast-server.xml 


D. csdnv1.conf 


Answer: B